August 14, 2019

More than 200 users!

Danilo Kreimer @DaniloKreimer

Frites Finder crossed the mark of 200 users in only 2 days! That is amazing, since it's the result of only organic initiatives, and gives me more confidence that the app might be a project worth investing more time on.

Since I can’t list the it on App Store and Google Play (Frites Finder is a side-project challenge of launching products with a zero budget), the list of marketing channels I explored were:

  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook (including Belgian groups I’m into), LinkedIn;
  • Online Forums: Subreddits (Belgium, Brussels);
  • Makers’ Communities: Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, NuCode;
  • Self-publishing: By writing this blog post here (

Other organic channels that I have not used yet are email marketing (by sharing this story with my personal e-mail list) and self-publishing on Medium.

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