January 17, 2020

Ready to party


Finally, my platform is live! Better late than never, as they say. Companies can now find and connect with "hand picked" founders looking for a side gig on Froggodoggo!!

After interviewing a bunch of interested founders and companies, all there was left to do was to code the platform 😂 . I intended to finish it by December 🤭 ...well I guess missing deadlines is an important lesson on ones path to become a coder 😂 (FYI: I started coding last October to build Froggodoggo).

I have on-boarded the founders that had already signed up until now. In the next few weeks, I will focus on improving the software and try to find more founders and companies who might get value from using Froggodoggo.

If you are a founder looking for a side gig go to https://froggodoggo.com/founder/ and fill in the form...

I'm happy to get feedback and answer any of your questions 🤗

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