November 5, 2019

Got a "too many applicants" complaint

Ben Robertson @benjamingrx

Today, a hiring company reached out to ask me to take down a listing because they were getting too many applicants and the position has been filled.

I'll take that as a sign that my growth techniques are working and people are actually finding and applying to jobs thru the site!

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    I think it also depends on who is applying. We've had issues in the past where too many people without the right working requirements/visas were applying.

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      Yeah that definitely could be the case. They didn't seem to indicate there was a problem with the applicants, but that might be a good question to follow up with.

      The role in question was a junior role, and remote junior roles are really hard to come by and usually are the most popular on the site.

      As I'm thinking about this, I definitely should see if they have any feedback about the kind of applicants they were getting. Thanks @rosiesherry!

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