November 15, 2019

First Ever Podcast Appearance

John Luke Garofalo @johnlukeg

A friend of ours has just started a new fantasy football podcast and asked us me to be a guest on the show so we could talk about our startup. Despite the show having a very (very) small audience, it was really valuable practice communicating our value proposition and answering questions. I made a lot of mistakes, but Simon and I did a post-mortem the next day and wrote down everything we learned to improve for the next time we have to pitch in public or on a podcast.


  • Do some vocal warmups before a pitch or speech so that you can better control your tone and don't sound timid or nervous.
  • Try to communicate your message as concisely as possible. Don't ramble and if you feel yourself rambling, reel it back in.
  • It's not enough to have a one-liner describing your value proposition. You need to have a concise story that conveys what you are doing and why anyone should care about it.
  • It's not enough to have a story, either. You need to know that story so well that you can tell it naturally. You don't want to sound scripted because people can sense it. The words you use should vary, but your story/message should be consistent every time, especially if you have multiple cofounders.
  • Prepare. Plan what you are going to say. If possible, roughly plan outline of conversation or questions that you will be asked. (One interviewer sprung a question about pricing and we haven't figured that out yet so I came off as untrustworthy because I said it's "free right now"). A rough plan will help you tell a story with your conversation.
  • If it's an interview, make it a conversation. Don't talk about yourself and your product for a long time. Speak for 10 to 30 seconds and then pose a question to your interviewer(s) to get their thoughts.
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