October 12, 2019

Quit our full-time jobs!

John Luke Garofalo @johnlukeg

Both Simon & I have officially quit our full-time jobs to pursue our dreams of building Front Yard Fantasy into a successful business. Our progress has been severely limited by the time that we have available to work on it. If we wanted to succeed, we need to dedicate ourselves to our company. We couldn't be happier. My time at the startup that I'm leaving prepared me for this moment. Three and half years of building a startup's engineering & product team from the ground up has been indispensable.

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    Congratulations! What was the one thing that gave you the confidence to quit?

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    The idea looks original and cool! congrats!!

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    This sounds exciting - and awesome that you have been able to link you previous time spent at your startup to this phase. Best of luck.

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    Best of luck on the big move. Sometimes you just need to go all in.

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    Congrats! Hope it goes well!