September 27, 2019

Launched major new feature

Matt Studdert @mattts

Yesterday evening I launched solution reporting for the Frontend Mentor platform.

This marks a major change whereby users will gain immediate value from submitting their solutions to the platform.

From now on, every time a solution is submitted to the platform the user's code will be run through:

  • An accessibility audit
  • HTML validation audit using the W3C specs

These reports will help provide immediate insight into specific issues with the user's code. They can then make the necessary fixes and generate a new report to see the improvement.

These 2 reports are the first step in a staged process of building out a more rounded reporting system.

Upcoming reports include:

  • CSS stats dashboard to provide insights into the quality of the CSS code
  • Prioritised list of suggested improvements

It's been a solid few months of planning and testing the reporting feature (as well as summer holidays!), so it's a great feeling to get it launched and see people use it.

Major takeaways from the build of this feature are:

  • As always, ruthlessly refine your feature set for your first version. Accessibility audits and HTML validations are just the start, but it's good to just get it out in the wild and see people use it.
  • Be sure to rigorously test the prototypes/wireframes with users or potential users before designing and building. If you don't, you can't be certain that you're building something people want.
  • Keep chipping away at your goals piece by piece. Don't worry if it's taking longer than you thought to build and launch something. Just keep making steady progress towards your goal.
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