October 21, 2019

Slack and platform both have > 2,000 users!

Matt Studdert @mattts

Over the weekend, the Frontend Mentor Slack community broke through 2,000 members.

It's been a steady climb since launching the community in October last year, but sign-ups have picked up pace recently.

The community has turned into an extremely vibrant one with front-end developers of all levels helping each other out and sharing their work.

If you're interested in front-end coding, please feel free to join the community.

Last week I put the Beta platform over on the main domain, which has led to a big jump in sign-ups for the actual platform. Last Sunday there were 1,850 registered users on the platform, but in a week that number has jumped by 500!

Seeing sign-ups increase so much after just flipping over to the main domain. Frontend Mentor is still technically pre-launch, so I'm looking forward to getting it out to the wider community.

My main problem to solve with the platform at the moment is peer-to-peer engagement. If I don't comment on people's solutions, often nobody will.

So my next steps are:

  • Message people in the community who are strongest on the challenges and offer them "Mentor" status on the platform and ask if they're up for providing more feedback. I'll promote the mentors in the community as much as possible.
  • Re-work the points system on the platform. At the moment, the points don't mean much. I'll be updating it and then having a Wall of Fame for top users in differing timeframes.
  • Badges to help people know what they can do and help them progress through the various actions on the platform.
  • Build a dashboard for logged-in users that highlights user questions and feedback. At the moment, the regular homepage is still shown for logged-in users. So this needs to change to highlight latest activity on the platform.
  • Add an /about page giving more information about the site and highlighting the Mentors. Add copy specifically talking about the benefits of learning by teaching others.

These are my major next steps for updating the user experience on the platform with the aim of stimulating peer-to-peer engagement. I hope to build a collaborative, supportive online community for front-end developers, just like IH is for IHers.

Any suggestions on other ways to improve engagement are welcome!