April 14, 2019

From Idea to 18k Monthly Visitors and A$2k in MRR

Alex Ershov @aershov

Hi guys, just a quick post of motivation. In August last year, I've launched FullStack.Cafe without any understanding of the marketing side of things and its monetization strategy. This month my numbers are: k65 page views (~k18 unique visitors) and >A$2k in MRR that was reached consistently for the last 4 month.

So to fuel the growth forward, today I'm proud to announce that FullStack.Cafe starts to offer not only the biggest collection of world-class Full Stack Job Interview Questions and Answers but also the curated listing of the latest most trending Full Stack Jobs posted all around the world!

So if you looking for a new opportunity across the IT industry or in search of a new developer for your team or client, or just a curious Indie Hacker check the "FullStack.Cafe For Jobs" today!

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    What's your major revenue sources, monthly subscriptions or one-time payment or ads?

    1. 1

      Congrats too! I'm also curious as to how it makes money, are you able to share?

  2. 1

    Great job please post more details about your marketing Strategie

  3. 1

    Very cool. Would love to hear more details on your growth strategy and business model

  4. 1

    What were your methods in growing vistors to the site?

  5. 1

    congratulations!! Thanks for sharing with us.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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