January 12, 2020

The Manifesto

Mateusz Wu @worotyns

We create and provide tools based solely on e-mail ecosystem for a reasonable price in the pay as you go model.

The current productivity tools ecosystem is mostly available in the SaaS business model.

Those SaaS companies usually provide high-class tools specialized in a given field with a perfect UI's. Usually, those services are available in monthly small payments each.

Putting yourself in a situation where you would like to use a specific tool to increase the efficiency of your business or productivity of your own- you have to use several different suppliers and services. It means you will have to pay for each of them.
You also need to agree to their rules and privacy policies.

Depending on the business model you will spend from 0 $ (when you share personal data) to approx. 150 $ monthly, operating on minimal plans with respecting your privacy.

The truth is you will only use 10 to 20% of these tools features 😉
The question is - is it worth creating such fixed costs in the initial stage of business?

If you need an email address for all these tools anyway - why not use email-based tools since this is where you do most of your work.

We did and we want to share it with you. We build tools for increasing work productivity based on the e-mail ecosystem for a reasonable price in the pay as you go model without giving away your credit card details.

Interested? Explore and try it yourself 🙂