November 11, 2019

Narrowing my focus

Rasmus Buskov @buskov

Over the past month or two, I have learned a lot about the market I'm targeting. I have realized that I will probably be better of with a more narrow product strategy, at least in the beginning.

Also, I'm getting more realistic about the effort needed to build, market and support the product. It's a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be, so I really need to focus on getting something out there as quickly as possible.

I'm not doing an MVP as such, since this is a known product category. Although I'm definitely mixing things up the product is hardly disruptive, and I know the market is there. Instead, I'm aiming for just enough features to make an early adopter say: "Wow, this is awesome!".

In other words, I'm building a minimal "awesome" product.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • First TikTok video
    Nowadays I'm trying to explore marketing options for user acquisition and I've read a bit about TikTok and it's amazing userbase. Decided I will give