💰 $100k in revenue

A nice milestone to share. Yes, it's a vanity metric, but one to celebrate :) 🎉

Our reporting and alerting in Slack, Teams, and email continues to grow, slow and steady, month-on-month.
It's strange because I still don't feel we've hit product-market-fit. Our CVR still sits just over 2% and I feel that could be improved with a better user experience and some positioning tweaks.

Our product segments are now very clear. e-commerce and agencies make up most of our revenue base, with our AI alerting technology resulting in the most recent growth.

Plenty on our roadmap to be excited about, and hopefully it won't be several years until our next 100k milestone :)

Some stats as of today:
MRR: $7.5k
ARR: $90k
Paying customers: 196
ARPU: $39
LTV: $3.1k
Monthly growth: 4.7%
Quick ratio: 3.31
Voluntary Churn rate: 2.5%

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