September 14, 2019

1st Post! Surpassed 500 active gamers last month!

Joe Lee @RamenNoodles

Hello! :) I've been browsing Indie Hackers for a while now, and this weekend, it occurred to me that I wanted to finally take the jump and start sharing updates around my startup. So, here's my very first post!

Gamerjibe is a social network where gamers can easily discover, join and connect with like-minded gamers around virtual lounges. As a gamer, I've always wondered what was something I can give back to the gaming community, and given my strengths as a developer and nostalgia being in various gaming groups, Gamerjibe was exactly that. As you can imagine, I've received a ton of doubt over the idea. I was told all the time - "This has been tried before - this will never work!" and "Forget a social network for gamers, and try something else". And you know what? they weren't entirely wrong. I took their feedback seriously, got a team together, and started really thinking about how we were going to make this a reality.

Fast forward a year with esports capturing headlines (16 year-old winning $3M? Come on!) and us launching our private beta with esports teams sending us messages about how much they would love to use our product, we've raised a bit of angel funding and a few of us have even quit our jobs to work on this full-time. The dream is alive and going strong. Constantly iterating and learning from feedback has only more deeply motivated us.

I'm proud to say that we'll be launching publicly in the next 1-2 months. Our goal is to merge our early beta ( with our lander ( which currently has 5k+ signups to launch a more cohesive public beta.

So, questions for you - what has motivated you to keep going? How did you achieve your first 1k users? Curious to hear thoughts from those building social networks as well!

P.S. I'll be posting more frequently from now on! I'm super thankful for the vibrant energy of the Indie Hackers community. I'm also always on the lookout for potential collaborations/partnerships, so feel free to get in touch!

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