September 24, 2019

Going Viral


The majority of 2017 was spent trying to turn the MVP into a V1 and attempting to grow the platform's userbase numbers. What finally ended up working was reaching out to a YouTube content creator called Th3Jez and getting him on board to promote our app in his videos. This created a couple viral moments where we saw huge spikes in sign up, so much so that it crashed the app on 3 separate occasions. We now had a couple of thousand users signed up but the UI glitches got worse and we had to water down the matching algorithm just to keep the app running.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 2nd Volunteer joined in
    It looks like the community is very slowing taking off. I'm happy to announce that Anurag Sharma has joined in today. He was one of our early users to
  • Version 2.0 launched on Product Hint
    Since the lockdowns started and I've had a lot of free weekends, I figured it's time to revitalize the old weekend project. So I made DailyWall 2.0 -