December 9, 2019

Product Hunt Release 👋

Cedrik Dudek @cedrikd

After months of hard work, we’re ready to share what we’ve been working on. And NOW we’re live on Product Hunt. YAY 🥳🚀 We are looking for further feedback and suggestions on how we go further with Generato.

Please take a moment to support us here, thanks to all of you: ++++ ++++

At Generato we noticed that up to 65% of code is so-called infrastructure code.

It does not contain the business logic of the project but is needed so that the project is set up correctly. Also, this code is the same in many projects.

We immediately thought of automating this situation.

That's when Generato was born. A visual software generator for developers!

I am more than thankful for your support and feedback! ❤️

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