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From my development work in the past 10 years I saw that companies have terrible or no tools to manage and integrate their geographic data in a sane way. I want to solve this.


With the help of our Designer, we redesigned Geoman and have now a new base to improve the product on. More importantly, I'm not embarrassed anymore to send the link around.

Focus now is to fine-tune (clean-up) existing features and get the word around. Basically marketing 🤞

Published 2nd Blog Post

Just wrote the second article about handling circles in GeoJSON. This might help a few people in the leaflet community. As soon as the redesign of the MVP is through I want to write some blog post about what exactly you can do with Geoman to promote it.

Published First Blog Post

Just wrote a technical article about testing map layers end-to-end with cypress. Cypress itself retweeted and it was shared by some of the cypress-technology gurus. Not a big hit though.

Failing MVP

I've started building Geoman a few months ago. It works. Subscription works. Company is founded. Data can be created, imported, stored and exported. It's visual editor works like a charm including editing some metadata.

That was my definition of the MVP. Yet, there are a million things I consider not finished. And I did not send around the MVP much. Apart from the regular traffic I was afraid to show it simply because it did not match my standards or expectation.

The MVP failed not because of the MVP but mainly because of me and I'm having trouble really marking the scope of an MVP. So here's the plan:

  1. I started to talk to geo engineers from various companies and industries. Showed them the MVP and talked about mapping and GIS. They all were amazed and said they would use it. They described their problems to me so I can abstract it and hopefully build for product market fit.

  2. I've also got a good friend and incredible UX designer on board and we will redesign the UI, landing page and on-boarding of new users to convert traffic.

  3. We will get rid of the pricing. Even though it's technically possible to pay, I think we need to gather some returning "beta-users" first and have a few good features work for our potential customers.

What I still did not figure out yet is how I should start the subscription pricing and what features do I add to which tier. Also how do we start and how do we increase the price if the value of Geoman starts to increase. But I can think about this later.

I hope to have a "new MVP", one that I'm happy to spread in the GIS community, ready by January 🤞. What I'm committed to is to publicly start to talk more about Geoman to hopefully build a little traction.

The current site is on Our "redesign" is being built on until ready.

That's it for now. Cheers, Sumit


Building the first iteration is fun and it works well. But I always want to add more features, polish or care and I correct myself to not do it but go for the MVP asap and launch to get user feedback.

My open source library has around 1200 unique visits per month on Github. I made Geoman it's Demo site as it fits quite well. This means I will already have some traffic of the target audience on Geoman. Currently around 600 unique visits / month.

I hope to be able to translate them into registered users, e.g. to store their shapes in the cloud (for free). And convert them to paying customers from there.

I got the traffic, and I can see from custom analytics events that visitors create around 3000 shapes per month and export their data 250 times.

Problem: registered users basically never return. I can see they do not log in a second time after signup.

My guess is no real value is added after registration 🤔. I have to talk to some potential customers to see what they really want. I have no idea if I'm building towards product market fit and I guess that's my biggest problem right now.

Here's the plan:

  1. Find geo engineers or POs of GIS systems at companies and talk about their problems and daily work.

  2. Analyze answers, abstract usecases into features and prioritize them.

  3. Change the MVP to fit a minimum of these features so they make sense for a potential customer. Then send them the MVP for feedback.

Let's do this 💪

Cheers, Sumit

Geoman: The Idea

3 years ago I started to build an open source plugin for leaflet to draw and edit geometries, called I'm maintaining it since 3 years and it's doing quite ok.

Since then, I've seen a lot of companies struggling to manage their geodata, especially because of a lack of visual editors that are nice and easy to use. So I just started to build a system to let individuals and companies easily create, visualize, manage and serve geospatial data.

It's called Geoman.

In a few months, you can draw and/or import geospatial data, you can store it in the cloud and access it via an API. You can store it privately or share your data publicly, for example in public transportation or e-charging stations. You can add data sources that are pulled regularly to display e.g. realtime data like ships, trains or cars on the map as well. Alerts will call your internal systems, send emails or SMS whenever an event you care about happens - like a car-sharing vehicle being available in your neighbourhood.

There are so many possibilities to use and extend such a system just as much as there are a million more features that would be awesome to add.

But as always, I have to start somewhere.

For now, I will start at Importing, Exporting, Drawing, Editing and Storing geospatial data.

Any tips and suggestions on my journey are appreciated 👍.

Cheers, Sumit

From my development work in the past 10 years I saw that companies have terrible or no tools to manage and integrate their geographic data in a sane way. I want to solve this.