November 21, 2020

🎉 Got the first client!

Krzysztof @KW_dev

So it happened! The first company posted a job offer on my website. I'm super excited about this!

The story behind this is that I was contacted by the recruiter on LinkedIn if I want to change the job. I'm not looking for a new gig right now so the answer was simple, BUT I also mentioned that it's possible to post a job offer for free on my website. And it worked 😊

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    Haha, nice acquisition strategy! You could even turn into an affiliate strategy: it's super common for recruiters to pest over-qualified people just to offer a position that pays less that what they currently get. These people could be giving you leads!

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    GZ! Keep em coming.

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    Congrats! That's a huge milestone! 🎉

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