Audience analytics is complete

  • Founders and indie hackers can now see when it's the best time to join a conversation with their audience. The app displays a barchart with the number of tweets per hour of day.

  • The app displays the name and the location of a person when you hover over a profile picture. This way you can see who there is, and where they are from.

  • The app opens Twitter when you click on a person or on a tweet in the search results. When you click on a tweet, the same tweet opens in Twitter, and you can directly respond to it. When you click on a person, that person's profile opens in Twitter, and you can read their bio or decide to follow them.

This week, I created a GetTheAudience demo video for a startup founder from California. She builds a tech company producing a software that will help people to keep an eye on the small details.

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