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Whenever I tried to found a startup, the part called "customer development", "user research", or "audience development" was always the hardest for me. So I decided to scratch my own itch and design a tool for that.

March 17, 2021 Paying customer #9

As a founder, I easily get impatient. However, when I look back and see what really happened, I notice the progress that this product is making!

From time to time, it's really good to reflect and put things in perspective. No need to stress out so much.

March 14, 2021 New feature: Automated audience creation

PROGRESS: The latest feature, "Automated audience creation from your Twitter history", is now LIVE. Here's a short, 3-minute demo about it:

The GetTheAudience companion extension for Chrome or Firefox automatically bookmarks whom you visit on Twitter and on which tweets you click to read them (see Feb 28 for that feature).

From the bookmarks that have been recorded in your Twitter history, you can auto-create new audiences with two mouse clicks. This helps you to explore deeply what caught your attention on Twitter.

You get answers on

  • what they talk about
  • who they are
  • how much they tweet
  • what is the best time of day to join them
February 28, 2021 New feature: Auto-bookmarking your Twitter visits

You can now install GetTheAudience companion, an extension for Chrome or Firefox that automatically bookmarks whom you visit on Twitter and on which tweets you click to read them.

Every tweet and every person that you click on Twitter will automatically be bookmarked in GetTheAudience. This allows you to discover your audience while not actively searching for them.

I wrote the extension for Firefox, first, and ported it to Chrome using a polyfill for the standardized browser add-on API that Firefox already has.

February 12, 2021 Paying customer #5

Yay, today I could welcome to the 5th paying customer who will "Get" Their Audience! This is going to be huge.

Sometimes, it's not really clear where people came from and why they decided to sign up. The visitors on my website usually come from IndieHackers and from Twitter, especially when a "big account" tweeted about GtA, or re-tweeted one of my tweets about it.

January 21, 2021 Second paying customer

Another user has successfully completed their free trial and converted to the $5/month plan.

A week before, we had a Zoom call together where I gave a demo of the product and they gave me feedback and more product ideas. They had their "a-ha" moment during that call and saw the value that the product brings to the table.

January 16, 2021 New demo video on the homepage

I recorded a new, 9-minute demo video so that visitors on my homepage can see what GetTheAudience can do for them:

It explains how GtA shows an audience as a group of people having a common conversation that is filterable by automatically detected keywords.

Totally different from a mere "Twitter advanced search".

Enjoy watching the video!

January 12, 2021 New feature: Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis:

  1. Create a new audience for your competitor
  2. Add the tweets people send to them (using the "To" setting)
  3. Add the tweets people say about them (using the "Mentioning" setting)
  4. Enjoy the insights without being distracted by your competitor's tweets!
December 28, 2020 First paying customer

I offered a free (pay what you want) plan on Gumroad and set it live. One customer was so kind and bought it, paying $5/month right away!

This motivates me to go on and build a paid plan with more value for the users. That's a nice finish for 2020, isn't it?

November 22, 2020 Get The Audience is LIVE and kicking

This is day #28 of the project. I launched 🚀 (the audience development app for founders and indie hackers) to a group of 38 early adopters who have previously subscribed to my early access mailing list.

I wrote a small node.js script that generates invite codes and emails them to the people who need them to login. This will help me to let as many new users in as the infrastructure and the app will currently support. Smooth ramp-up for everyone. Nice! 😀

I also wrote an introductory article for the website. It is called How to get your first audience. It shows first-time users the basic ideas about how to find, understand, select, and engage with a new audience.

I am really curious what it is like to work with my first 38 users. I will learn much, in order to make the app as valuable as possible for my audience.

Looking forward to that! 😀

P.S.: You can try the app, too! Just click on the "Get Your Invite" button on the homepage.

November 16, 2020 Audience analytics is complete
  • Founders and indie hackers can now see when it's the best time to join a conversation with their audience. The app displays a barchart with the number of tweets per hour of day.

  • The app displays the name and the location of a person when you hover over a profile picture. This way you can see who there is, and where they are from.

  • The app opens Twitter when you click on a person or on a tweet in the search results. When you click on a tweet, the same tweet opens in Twitter, and you can directly respond to it. When you click on a person, that person's profile opens in Twitter, and you can read their bio or decide to follow them.

This week, I created a GetTheAudience demo video for a startup founder from California. She builds a tech company producing a software that will help people to keep an eye on the small details.


Whenever I tried to found a startup, the part called "customer development", "user research", or "audience development" was always the hardest for me. So I decided to scratch my own itch and design a tool for that.