December 30, 2019

We accomplished a better sales flow on the website

Matt @mattlo

So first, we've been updating the website every 3 to 4 weeks with new ideas, trying to get more signups. The problem we haven't tackled until recently is matching the content to the persona coming into the website.

For so long, we were stuck on "more sales" or "more conversions" because that's what we thought would work for users. We decided to take inventory on who actually used the product, enjoyed it, and bought it (~300 users, ~20 lifetime customers).

We've switched content strategies and just talked about the direct use cases instead of marketing fluff. We've seen an increase of 4 more signs a week (total 7 signups) without a change in traffic intake.

We're now at a stage to help move these signups to conversions and sending ad flow. I'll post our first PPC results once we're ready to share it.

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