🎉 $2,000 MRR Milestone and TinySeed Application!

It's exciting that our under one year old baby GGLOT has grew to $2,000 MRR this month and we have applied for funding to TinySeed accelerator.
It is mind boggling to see how people love our product and find it useful for their daily lives. With GGLOT, users convert audio and video files into text and extract useful text transcripts to further use in their businesses. One great application: transcribe phone conversation of your employees and check for the stop words instead of listening to hours of audio. Way more efficient!

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    Congrats! Can you share some of your marketing hacks helping to achieve this great result? Thanks!

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      The best marketing hack we've implemented so far is language translation of GGLOT into new languages. We've added 10 languages in the beginning, and then gradually expanded it to 20. Now, 80% of website traffic and sales comes outside of the US. The localization plugin we used: https://www.conveythis.com/

      What CMS is your website on?

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        That's interesting! Do you use some kind of automated translation? I checked my native language (Russian) and found many phrases don't sound well...

        What CMS is your website on?
        Not sure what you are talking about, I don't have any website yet...

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    How is it different from Google's Speech-To-Text service?

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      It's a better version of Google's Speech-to-Text service. For example, GGLOT can recognize multiple speakers, Google can't. GGLOT can provide visual online editor to further improve your transcripts, Google can't. GGLOT can convert multiple audio and video formats, Google can't. These little things help fellow entrepreneurs to speed up their workflows without having to learn how to code and use someone's else APIs.

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        Thanks, that makes a lot of sense actually! Good luck!

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    nice work! do you have any automation in the background or is it manual?

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      The automation regarding transcribing the phone calls? No, this feature is still in production. I don't even know where to start because I have no previous experience in VOIP phone industry. Anyone?

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        that's great how much you've validated the market first, I am in a similar boat, I'm trying to validate a market with manual backend and "things that don't scale" (per Paul Graham), and hoping to build automation in the future once the market and customers are fully defined. Would love to pick your brain a bit on your process flow! Keep up the awesome work and success!

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