50,000 Users and No Signs of Slowing Down 🇺🇸

My newest startup is growing faster than anything else I've launched before. The demand of affordable audio and video transcription solution has been strong and Gglot.com has carved out a niche as a reliable player in that field.
What tactical things we've implemented on the marketing side? We've added share on Twitter button that allows users to get $3 in free credit. This seems to work pretty well among people who want to try out our service, but don't have money to pay for it. Some even create brand new Twitter accounts just to get a bonus. That's laughable, but fun to watch.

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    That's a fantastic number!

    What do you think helped you to differentiate from other transcription services? Or do you think it's just because of this button?

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    congrats!!! KEEP GOING!!!

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      Lol, thanks! Don't forget to upvote this post to really encourage me!))

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