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Gglot offers low cost (cheap) audio and video transcription service in over 60 languages. It exists to fill in the need with quick and inexpensive way of converting audio and video meetings into text to save meaning.

September 29, 2021 125,000 Users!

It's amazing to see that our audio/video transcription tool has amassed 125,000 users! That's the size of a small city!
Check out the new video tutorial about Gglot which may showcase what it is all about!

September 8, 2021 Flirted with FastSpring and Paddle

It's all about scaling the business now. The website is translated to 20 languages (thanks to ConveyThis:
And we are all obsessed with getting more users and more importantly converting them from FREE into PAID customers.
The biggest debate was whether payment aggregators aka Paddle or FastSpring would improve something. We tried both.
Ask your questions.

April 29, 2021 🎉 $10,000 MRR Milestone and Launch Accelerator!

It's exciting that our one year old baby GGLOT has grew to $10,000 MRR this month and we have applied for funding to Launch Accelerator sponsored by Jason Calacanis!

It is mind boggling to see how people love our product and find it useful for their daily lives. With GGLOT, users convert audio and video files into text and extract useful text transcripts to further use in their businesses. One great application: transcribe phone conversation of your employees and check for the stop words instead of listening to hours of audio. Way more efficient!

April 29, 2021 🚀 60,000 Free and Paid Users

It's been a great ride with ups and downs.

The main issue we've been able to identify is that SaaS model works really bad for audio/video transcription industry. People don't have ongoing need to transcribe their files, so they won't consider subscribing to monthly or yearly plans.
Instead, we've focused on removing upload restrictions and letting all types of files to be processed regarding their length and size.
Also, we've lowered all or rates by 15-20%. This would reduce our profit margins, but in the end of the day, it would boost people's interest and would let them use to transcribe more podcasts and youtube videos than ever.

April 13, 2021 50,000 Users and No Signs of Slowing Down 🇺🇸

My newest startup is growing faster than anything else I've launched before. The demand of affordable audio and video transcription solution has been strong and has carved out a niche as a reliable player in that field.
What tactical things we've implemented on the marketing side? We've added share on Twitter button that allows users to get $3 in free credit. This seems to work pretty well among people who want to try out our service, but don't have money to pay for it. Some even create brand new Twitter accounts just to get a bonus. That's laughable, but fun to watch.

March 9, 2021 40,000 Users 🔥

The journey seems to be unstoppable! Just few weeks ago we published a post that GGLOT has crossed 30,000 users. And now we are doing it again.

Launched on March 13th, 2020 –, the easy to use, inexpensive audio/video transcription platform, has started to gain new users with an increasing speed the same weekend.

The main lever of growth is organic traffic. We’ve made few core improvements to our WordPress language switcher which mainly addressed two issues:

  • Integration with SEO plugins such as Yoast and RankMath
  • Integration with WP Caching plugins to speed up the page load

Both of these things have positively influenced our organic Google rankings giving us 50% traffic in past three months.

In addition, we’ve added 21st language – Indonesian. It’s a popular language spoken in the Asia and counts at 300,000,000 speakers worldwide.

Which new language should we add in the next semester?

February 25, 2021 36,000 users strong and available in Indonesian!

Today, a famous Indonesian blogger made a video about us and we immediately responded by introducing Indonesian language version!

How is it possible?

We use ConveyThis website translator and it works amazingly fast! The first layer is pre-translated with an automatic translator and then you can bring a linguist to post edit it!

Transcribe more audios and videos in Indonesian with GGLOT!

February 16, 2021 Launched Google Ads in Spanish and Chinese!

We've launched google ads for in two new languages: Spanish and Chinese.
Spanish is targeted in over 20 countries: Argentina, Spain, Honduras, Belize, Venezuela just to name a few.
While Chinese is targeted mostly at Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as the mainland is block by the Chinese firewall. The pleasant hack? The cost per click in Spanish speaking countries is ten times lower than in the US! 🇺🇸

February 5, 2021 Rejected by TinySeed

When I received this letter, I was blown away. The TinySeed folks has rejected GGLOT and didn't even care to provide feedback!

Here is their letter:

"Hi Alex ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to apply to TinySeed.

We’re sorry to say we will not be moving forward with your application at this time. The competition for this batch was intense, and we hope you don’t take this as a reflection of the future success of your business or idea — we had to reject an incredible number of exciting businesses.

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to give individual feedback. It’s worth noting that we encourage everyone to re-apply in future application periods, especially if your business has grown in between. We know we miss great businesses every round, and would love to see you apply again.

Thanks for your interest in TinySeed, and wish you the best of luck moving your business forward.

  • The TinySeed Team"
January 30, 2021 🔥 30,000 Users!

It’s been quite a productive journey.

Launched on March 13th, 2020 – has started to gain new users with an increasing speed.

First, it was paid ads. During Covid-19 lockdown, lots of advertisers ceased their marketing efforts and focused on cost cutting and PPP loans. Check out our previous article on how we’ve elegantly managed to gain initial traction with Google Ads.

Second, came the Youtube and its incredible value as a source of referral traffic. We’ve tried to maintain our own channel, but it was time consuming and expensive. So, we’ve refocused on purchasing paid reviews from influencers.

Lastly, came in search engine optimization (SEO). It is a long-term focus strategy, but it works. Our website is built on WordPress and we use RankMath SEO plugin for its online marketing. The language translator ConveyThis is compatible with RankMath and it helps us gain lots of traffic from non-English countries such as Poland, Russia, Brazil, Italy, German and so on. So, the SEO does pretty well and attached graph below demonstrates the momentum.


Gglot offers low cost (cheap) audio and video transcription service in over 60 languages. It exists to fill in the need with quick and inexpensive way of converting audio and video meetings into text to save meaning.