September 26, 2019

MVP Soft Launch

Jess Archer @jessarcher

With the naming issue behind us, we launched our MVP to family and friends, with the hope that people would add their family and friends using our email-based invite system and the service would spread viraly.

However, aside from a few loyal friends and family acting as ambassadors, hardly anyone was inviting other people things ground to halt at around 40 users. For GiftyDuck to stand a chance at being sustainable, we needed a LOT more users.

We realised that for most people, it didn't solve a problem that was at the front of their mind at the time they were exposed to it, so they didn't invest much time in setting it all up.

We also realised that a lot of people didn't know the email addresses of their loved ones! And that the our invite emails looked a bit spammy.

We added a "personal message" field to our email invites to make people feel more comfortable sharing invites, and more comfortable accepting them. We also added "invite links" that people could share via whatever means they liked and where they control the narrative completely.

We also started working on some onboarding email automation in the days after a user signs up, that helps guide them based on what activities they had and hadn't taken in the app so far.

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