September 26, 2019

Official Launch

Jess Archer @jessarcher

With a bunch of tweaks based on what we learned with our MVP soft launch, we started actively promoting the service outside of our family and friends circle.

We tried launching a Google Ads campaign, and quickly realised that we have no idea how to market a product.

I had spent my whole professional career thinking that marketing was something I needed someone else to handle because I didn't have the right brain for it, so I'd never spent the time trying to learn it. I'd also never truly realised the value of marketing, and its importance much earlier in a product life cycle - ideally at the ideation phase when trying to determine whether there even is a market for a product.

I decided that day that I would become a developer that does marketing. I've already learned so much this year about building a product, including a lot about how not to do things, but now that I have the motivation that I need to learn this new skill, I'm excited to see where this takes me, and hopefully GiftyDuck.

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