October 26, 2019

Came up with my idea


As i was working on a freelance project for a clothing e-commerce website, i found it very hard to reach out to models and influencers and convince them to work with us to create a promotional content for our products!

Most of the well known influencers or models would barely answer my emails and messages, even after they reply they would be asking for a lot of money :D sometimes more than what i make in a year.

So i decided to try to find another alternative and i've found some feasible offers through "Fiverr", which was great as a start, but then we needed some new faces for the promotions, but we couldn't find much on Fiverr as there was not much modeling gigs.

So i thought, why not to create an online community for models! i started with a website and instagram account @girlz_oasis which offers to feature and promote new models for free, the account started to grow with followers. We worked with some of the new models form that account and it was a great source for new faces.

Then i thought why not to make it easier for these models to work with other clients and start making more money from their photos and videos!.

And there came the idea of the marketplace !

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