August 13, 2020

Refactoring the base model for testing


3+ days of work to get proper testing in.

After driving myself crazy while working vertically, trying to add the critical functionality, I decided it's time to go back and code tests. (honestly I didn't think I'd be doing tests this early on)
These testing made me refactor to a form that easy to test but also to understand and take a stance on more code design decisions. This should hopefully 🙏, make me progress faster with the rest of the code now, or at minimum keep a clear head doing just one thing and not bouncing around, context switching.

So the design turned around 4 levels deep (technically 3, but there are parallel parts)
What I got is like
(DB model<->repo lib)->Runnner helper->Leaf runners

For the runners there are some inter-dependencies as well

  • Leaf runner 1 preps the data for all other runners ->
  • Than I got data gathering runners ->
  • And the new runner type I was working depends on the data gathering ones.

That last one is exciting as it's actually going to finally be doing the thing this is built for, and I can start eating my own dogfood and see how bad it is.
I do expect to iterate a lot on the output of that one, but at least it would have it's first user ^^. (not that this even has hosting or anything.. or a website... just a domain and an email address..)


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