December 10, 2019

Private live coding for teams and more

Thiago Monteiro @thiagom

GitDuck now allows you to create teams and record private coding sessions that only your teammates can watch. You can do it by first creating your team and inviting other developers to join it.

In the GitDuck extension, you can now select your team and this will start the streaming that only your team can watch and interact.

In case you are curious what are the next things we are going to work on, our roadmap is available here

Besides Teams, we added this week:

  • New privacy settings (teams, public, private)
  • Published new extension version for VS Code
  • Pagination for profile, teams and explore page
  • New settings UX
  • New Header UI/UX
  • Crisp chat (in case you need any help).

You can watch a 1min demo here

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