October 22, 2019

From Free To Paid App (And 20 Sold Licenses)

Erez Hadas-Sonnenschein @erezson

I started to work on GitLab Board Better on January 2019. At the beginning I didn't believe that it will be a product that people will pay for, because it's a Browser extension and people used to get extensions for free (except gmass and few others).

But I've got more and more users, I started to get feedback, suggestions, etc. So on June I decided to start working on changing the product from completely free to a paid product with 14 days trial time. I launched the paid version on July and at the first days after the release, I saw a spike in uninstalls. I did expect it, but I didn't expect that no-one will pay for it.

I had to tweak the pricing and also to give only 5 days of trial before users started to pay for it. First customers started to pay only on August (one month later!). Today, Oct 22, I sold license number 20!!!

Here is something about pricing

I was very inspired by Balsamiq mindset to ask for life-time payment (also 1Passowrd used to do it for many years). I believe that GitLab Board Better is that kind of product that fits more to be life-time payment($25) . Yet, there is an option for $2 monthly payment.

B2B vs B2C

Although my targeted clients are companies who use GitLab Board, I see my product as B2C because I approach the specific employee who can buy himself a single license without asking the IT or the CTO to install/buy it for him/her. That said, I still have some CTO's who bought few licenses for their teams :)


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