October 18, 2019

GitLab Board Better - Launch

Erez Hadas-Sonnenschein @erezson

On December I started using GitLab Board and I was missing so many features. I'm not a developer but a product manager and entrepreneur so I hired a developer on Upwork and started to implement the features I needed into Chrome Extension.

I launched it on Product Hunt and it got promoted. In 2 month I already had over 100 installs. :)

2 weeks after the launch, GitLab recruiter approached me and asked for a call, but I nicely refused. It wasn't the time.


Today's Top Milestones
  • $100 MRR!
    With a couple of new customers yesterday, ilo.so is now at $135 MRR. This is a big milestone for me. By selling a number of lifetime deals, ilo has al