Came up with the idea

Why I decided to work on Gleebeam

At the company where I work TV dashboard notifications have been used to celebrate important events and to keep the team informed. For instance, when we launched a new product, we wanted to play a sound in the office every time a purchase of the product was made.

These notifications weren't easy to set up and the set-up was also fairly insecure - we used a Chrome extension that played a sound whenever a Shopify order confirmation email was received in Gmail. Later on we wanted to play different sounds for different products but that was too painful to set up. Long story short, I got inspired by this use-case and am now exploring it with Gleebeam!

What my plan for the product is

I'd first like to target the product at companies that are already familiar with tools like Zapier and feel comfortable with setting up some simple webhooks there.

I'd like the TV dashboard notifications to have both visual and sonic elements. Sounds can get really annoying so users would have to have an option to just, for example, display a GIF when something important happens.

In the future Gleebeam could support setting of milestones for notifications to gamify the experience a bit more. E.g. users could set up a milestone "I want to aim for receiving this notification 10 times per day" and then these daily combos could be displayed on the Gleebeam dashboard.

Why I like the idea

  1. I can develop it mostly on my own with the help of my girlfriend who's a UI designer.
  2. I can learn a lot. I have never done any significant back-end programming, and I have also never implemented a payment processor like Stripe. Really looking forward to this!
  3. I love automation tools like Zapier as well as extending the functionality of different apps using code.
  4. I think Gleebeam takes a slightly different approach to analytics dashboard apps. I'd like to see if it can be developed into something useful.

What my concerns are

  1. I don't really know if there is a market out there for this. Judging from what I've managed to discover in various SEO keyword seach tools, it might be really difficult to find sources or organic traffic for this.
  2. I'm going against the popular advice to validate the product idea with market reasearch before beginning to build it. I am having conversations with some friends and colleagues about it but am not actively searching for potential customers to discuss Gleebeam with. I see Gleebeam as a great opportunity to improve my technical skills, which kind of justifies this approach (as long as I don't spend years developing it only to discover nobody needs it).
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