November 20, 2019

Implemented features based on user feedback!

Viesturs Marnauza @viestursm

I've received so much valuable feedback on Gleebeam lately - feedback from the Indie Hackers community is a significant part of it. This has helped me to validate that some things that bothered me about the app also bothered the users!

So I'm happy to announce that Gleebeam now has:

  1. Onboarding. Previously it didn't have any and some users reported getting lost after creating their first notification template. So I implemented the minimum viable onboarding (MVO) to fix this - a single tooltip that now will tell users what to do next!

  2. A feature for displaying the Gleebeam dashboard on an external screen without having to log in. I got feedback where a user could only open a specific URL on a screen but for technical reasons couldn't go through Google Authentication to view their dashboards. So I implemented a feature where a screen can be connected to a Gleebeam account via a code that appears on the screen when you visit a specific Gleebeam URL.
    This is a feature that I had seen in Geckoboard and wanted it to be implemented in Gleebeam as well because having to authenticate on every screen you want to put Gleebeam on seemed pretty awkward. It took much less time than expected - just about a day!

My goal is still to get as much feedback as possible from people who have needs that could be satisfied by Gleebeam. This should help me understand where to go with the product next!