December 9, 2019

Alpha test runs


During the next weeks, I worked harder than ever on all my Indie projects, given the clarity that the GoalCanvas exercises had offered. This included GoalCanvas itself, fixing various bugs and running alpha user testing, concierge style (where a friend and I would talk and I would translate our conversation into goal path visualizations):

  • @zhak - in the beginning of his new project, to clarify what high level work had to be done to reach specific target market groups
  • Johan - for our common project, to clarify what the ultimate motivations were to commercialize the app/concept
  • Jesse - while discussing our anti-disinfo efforts, attempting to clarify what the ultimate goals were and how we would best go about to reach them

Results: Two out of three sessions resulted in directly usable visualizations / takeaways, while the third didn't, mostly because it seemed hard to see which parts of the required scope/work was relevant for us to do - there were so many stakeholders and possible collaborators that a clear execution path didn't become clear right away. Possible lesson learned: Goal canvasing works best when the amount of stakeholders in a project is few.

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