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Golang Cafe is the first Go only job board with no recruiters and clear salary range

October 26, 2019 Released Golang Cafe Open Source

After polishing the source code and making sure no sensitive info was left, I've decided to release Golang Cafe open source. Many people have asked me to release the project open source since first I've launched it.

The project has been released under BSD 3 Clause license which allows commercial use as long as it's not using the same brand name/copyright.

-> Github: https://github.com/golang-cafe/golang.cafe

-> Website: https://golang.cafe

-> Community: https://golang.cafe/community

October 18, 2019 Launching a Golang Cafe Community

We're planning to launch a Golang Cafe community. The goal is to increase retention, create value for Go Engineers. The reason why someone would want to join the community is to have a space where discussion have a focus on the Go job market in your area, Go interviews and interview questions, share and discuss Go jobs and compensations and hopefully general Go programming questions


August 7, 2019 Reached all time high 4,000 MAU

Reached all time high 4,000 monthly active users. Focus has been working on organic content and localised landing pages to generate stable traffic and inbound leads. I’ve been reaching out personally to companies to post for free their job openings on Golang Cafe

March 10, 2019 Got First Paid Job Ad

At 3k MAU and around 6 months after the first product launch, we've got the first paid customer. One-off $49 for a paid job ad. After tirelessly working on content marketing and improving the site we finally got to a stage of getting the first paying customer acquired via inbound organic traffic

August 29, 2018 Launched First Prototype

There are plenty of Job Boards out there. Many of them, however, don't provide the right amount of information or value they claim to offer. Golang Cafe started with the aim to be the first Go (Golang) Job board without recruiters and clear salary ranges. We cut recruitment agencies out of the game, not because they are necessarily bad, but because there can be a model where companies and candidates talk directly together. This model works best in job boards since the candidates are already investing significant energy by searching and selecting relevant opportunities. We believe removing the middleman it's beneficial to improve the overall candidate experience. Salary's transparency is another high-value characteristic for the first-class citizens of the board: candidates. Launched the first MVP running on a google form and google sheet database

Golang Cafe is the first Go only job board with no recruiters and clear salary range