January 11, 2020

Hockey Stick Growth - But will it last?

Anthony Castrio @AntCas

We've jumped to almost 20 visitors a day from 1-2 last week 🤯

Okay, so clearly that's still pretty low, BUT it looks awfully nice on our analytics page to see our monthly and weekly visitors lines (temporarily?) rocketing off up and to the right.

Traffic has come primarily from:

  1. Implementing urls, now it's much easier to share specific views around and the urls are human-readable.

  2. Replying to people in Digital Nomad groups on Facebook and to people on Twitter asking for cafe recommendations -- specifically focusing on cities we already have good data for.

Irons in the fire:

The current link previews show up as a 404 page, which is terrible UX. That's the current priority, along with generally improving our metadata for social sharing and for search engines.

Speaking of search engines, we currently have no internal links (url is changed by javascript) which won't do us any favors with their web crawlers.

Lots of UX-fixes to make.

Check it out:




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