November 11, 2019

I learned an important lesson this morning...

Luke Duncan @lukewduncan

So I "launched" GoodWrites last Tuesday by finalizing some code and writing a post on Reddit, specifically /r/NotionSo.

The only thing is, the product was and still is really buggy. I had to really push myself to write the post because I'm usually not one for launching with buggy code and before things are 100% working (there are a few technical reasons for the bugs but I won't dive into that unless people really want to know haha).

But since that post, we've had 104 people sign up to use the product!

This morning, I sent an email to all of the people that signed up just thanking them for taking the time and apologizing if they ran into any bugs. In the email I also asked what was their need for signing up on GoodWrites, and what they would want out of the product.

The feedback has been amazing! And people so far have said things like:

"Don't worry about the bugs. I'll still support you and can't wait to keep using the product"

"I've run into some problems, but can't wait to see what this project turns into"

I know it's not a game changing idea or product - but the fact that there are people out there willing to put up with bad code and error pages has really struck a nerve. While I don't enjoy hearing about bugs, it's kind of changed my perspective. If the idea is good enough, just ship fast and ship quickly. Interact with your first users in a positive manner and iterate. These people will quickly become your product champions!

I'm super excited to continue working on GoodWrites on the side and hopefully can turn this into a great product that people use to build their own blogs. In the coming weeks, I plan on giving the users that signed up PRO access for life as a thank you for putting up with errors.

Thanks for reading and talk soon!

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