December 6, 2019

Pain for pleasure

Luke Duncan @lukewduncan

In the middle of November, I shut down sign ups on GoodWrites to fix bugs, and to work on some user feedback. To keep on gaining potential users, I embedded a Mailchimp sign up form so I can track people who are interested.

Back to the product...

Unfortunately, since Notion does not have an official API - it has been difficult to work with. I found an option where Notion users can download workspaces as HTML or markdown files.

I wrote an email to all the users that had signed up asking for feedback on the idea of uploading HTML or markdown files. I got great feedback - but a lot of people only wanted the automated approach. Adding the ability to upload HTML/markdown would only be a stop gap solution.

So therefore - until Notion releases their official API - I will not be opening signups until I can build a great product that works 100%. And product where you can connect your Notion account to GoodWrites and we can reliably pull all of a workspace posts.

I really am looking forward to Notion releasing their official API because I believe this product has great potential.

Talk soon,

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