July 15, 2020

We're up to 10 users across 4 continents

Nitesh Sharoff @nsharoff

So I thought I'd soft launch on IH and see if the system actually worked, IndieHackers was kind enough to boost this on social media which ended up with 200 visits to the site and 10 users signing up!

Healthy stats with a 5% conversion rate for a niche product - doesn't seem too bad.

I realise I haven't really tagged up my site properly, so I'll add some tracking in Tag Manager to understand my fallout better - I have a feeling I scare a few users off when the Google sign in asks permission to to "manage users" - unfortunately that's the only way to get us added onto their account to ensure continuous delivery of the reports - probably should state that clearly.

Next features

  • Timezone detection to deliver messages in the "morning"
  • WhatsApp message to include line chart & comparison uplift


  • Better validation of phone numbers (some people entered one number but confirmed a totally separate WhatsApp number - very odd)
  • Better routing for replies
  • Ability to select daily or weekly reporting (Considering it)

Onwards and upwards I guess?

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