August 27, 2019

144 interested in our Beta 1 hour after launch 🤩

Jonny Matthews @jonnymatthews

We just launched our Beta for goshare (, a SaaS-based tool which gets customers sharing about why they love your business by rewarding Instagram posts with competitions, discounts & freebies. The first post I made was on a Facebook Group about Messenger Bots (Manychat Community) to see if anyone would be interested in the Beta.

In seconds I had people commenting, non-stop for an hour and managed to get our first sign-ups for the beta - woo! Manychat decided to take it down after the hour… frustrating but I managed to get into the DMs of everyone that commented 🙃

Here’s what I think made the difference:

Personalised video - I didn’t just post a link to our landing page. I made a quick video for the post which showed a goshare page working within Messenger.

Catchy headline - the title of the post was “Give rewards to customers posting on Instagram inside messenger 🚀” in bold…

Clear CTA - I finished the post with “Anyone interested?”, this made it relatively clear that people should comment on the post, the more engagement on the post the more it would appear on peoples timelines etc. I also avoided something like “Comment on this post” as I think this negatively impacts

Didn’t include a link - again I was concerned about this impacting FB algorithms, instead, I included a link in the comments

Here’s how I’d improve it next time:

Personalised DMs - After about 40 minutes I’d hit the FB limit and been blocked from sending any more dms (I had been replying to everyone who commented on there). I had been personalising the first name but next time I wouldn’t include a link in the first message to try and stop this from happening.
Avoid the post being taken down - next time I’d make the post more subtle, asking advice about how to use the goshare bot in messenger, or something else that might stop the Manychat admins from realising it was a promotional post…


Plug time 🔌 - If anyone is interested in our Beta you can create a goshare page in about 30 seconds which lets you instantly reward your customers for sharing on Insta. Completely free whilst on Beta 🚀

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