Failed Launch

It might be too early to say whether the first launch is a failure but it's looking that way.

A week or so ago, I posted GramGram on both Reddit and Hacker News. I received about 200 page views but only one person create an account. And zero users sent a postcard.

While I'm bummed that everything didn't go amazing, I've got a lot of things to improve on and that's a solid learning experience.

Here are the items I'd like to improve before launching again:

Better landing page From the numbers, a handful of people made it to the website. They just didn't convert. I'd like to improve my landing pages to better explain what the product does. It seems like people liked the idea but were underwhelmed by the landing.

Better tracking I'm not sure what the users did on my site when they landed on it. I'd like to install Hotjar or something similar to see where they are going and what they are doing.

Better audience While I love Reddit and read hacker news constantly, I don't think these are my target audience. I'd like to launch on Facebook next week and see how that goes. My thought is GramGram will sell better to a less techy and slightly older demographic. My parents have been telling their friends and seem to have a bunch of friends ready to give it a try.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Sharing product on Reddit and HackerNews is bad experience for most time.

    You can post your app on ProductHunt or BetaList. That's better for bootstraps.

    Or try giving some free promo code or offer, users will love to see that.

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      Thanks @Angelon!! These are some solid ideas!!

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