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Demographic data to make the world a better place.

August 22, 2020 Weekend Hackathon

Challenge: build in a weekend. Also, squeeze in 18 holes of golf.

Jokes aside, we were really excited to launch Grattr to the world after a very productive weekend. The stack consists of a React front-end with a Firebase back-end. For the API, we used Serverless to deploy our endpoint to AWS API Gateway.

Grattr allows you to select the adjectives that best describe you. These are your "Globally Recognized Attributes", and they are tied to your email address - think Gravatar for demographic data.

This means that organizations that have your email address are able to query the Grattr API and retrieve your self-defined characteristics. Demographics surveys for companies and conferences suddenly become a whole lot easier.

Sign up is easy:
Or check out the public repo:

Demographic data to make the world a better place.