November 9, 2019

Reached $4k/mo!

Kyle @kylegawley

Super excited to reach $4k/mo of sales. Thank you so much to all the Indie Hackers who have supported Gravity over the past 12 months.

Over 50%+ of my customer base came from this site. What was initially a side project to help me build my own products has turned into a business I'm very proud of.

Thank you, your support really means a lot to me 🙏🏻

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    Is your code encyrpted? How do you prevent people from pirating your software?

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      It's not encrypted, the product is the code. It's difficult to stop people pirating it, but I believe it's unlikely that my users will share it after paying $497 for it.

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      The code is in the backend, isn't it?

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    Thats absolutely great! Congratulations!

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    Well done, Kyle! 👍

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    Very cool, will consider for an upcoming project. Congrats on the milestone!

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    Congratulations! If you can hit $4k, you can get to $10k, which can get you to $100k. Keep going!

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    Congrats! Keep it up. Btw I will signup, sounds awesome for me. NodeJS and React Dev here 👋🏼🙂

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      Awesome, thanks Ray! Hit me up if you have any questions :-)

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    Congrats, nice work - keep it up! 👏

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    Wow! Kyle, congrats! That's a milestone! 🎉

    Would you mind sharing how your pricing model evolved over the last year?

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      I started off charging $99 for the first prototype last October, then increased it to $397 in April. I launched v3.0 with the React.js front-end in June and raised the price to $497.

      Stills are still going up, and my competitors charge a lot more, so I think there's still room to increase the price.

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        Who are your direct competitors? I feel $400 is a bit high

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          Well, to pay a developer + designer to create the same functionality is going to cost a lot more than $400.

          Or, to do it yourself is going to take a lot of time, which is better spent on building features that customers will pay for.

          Plus, my competitors are charging $1000+

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        Thanks for sharing, Kyle.

        One last question (actually two).🙈

        From what I can tell you do include the Sales Tax in your pricing, correct?

        Also, as you use Stripe, how do you calculate the amount of sales tax needed?

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          There is no sales tax in the pricing, I'm based in the UK and don't need to charge VAT (yet) :-)

          1. 1

            I’m in Sweden and my thinking was that for both EU and UK VAT is calculated based on the customer’s location, isn’t it?

            1. 1

              Yes, but only if the company charging is VAT registered and eligible to charge VAT :-)

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                Ah, you’re right. And that’s actually good news! 😄

                Thanks, Kyle!

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                  @kylegawley On a completely different note, what do you use for your Gravity UI Kit? Is it some lib or everything is custom-built?

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                    Everything is custom designed and built from the ground up :-)

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                      Guess it was a lot of work. 😁

                      I recently jumped on NextJS + Tailwind for my frontend. Works great however I realize that it's so much effort to build more sophisticated elements (e.g. date picker).

                      Btw, Dan Abramov recently asked the community about this ( Seems like a lot of people are happy with

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        I see. Btw, I guess you never had a free trial. How did you manage to convince your very first customers to pay anything for the first version of Gravity? Did you have a money-back guarantee of some sort?

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          I did have a money-back guarantee initially to mitigate the risk, but also – I launched v1.0 on IndieHackers so I had an advantage of customers who have a much higher tolerance for risk.

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            Oh, I see. Makes sense, Kyle.

            Thanks for sharing your insight.

            The reason I was wondering is because I'm at that stage now figuring out what the initial pricing model should be for CoreSkills.

            So far I let people give it a try once, and then convert them to paying users, however, most startups I was working with only needed 1 interview so they didn't really convert.

            I'm now thinking to do what you did is start charging right off the bat with a money back guarantee.

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    Awesome job! Congrats 🎉

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    Well done!

    Been a great journey watching you and Gravity.

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