October 14, 2019

The NEW Gravity Toolbelt + 10% OFF TODAY!

Kyle @kylegawley

I’m super excited to announce a brand new Gravity feature today. I’m confident this will supercharge production workflows even more.

The Gravity Toolbelt allows you to perform common tasks like creating a new MVC.

For example, you can now run commands like:

gravity create-mvc viewName -ui -db

and the toolbelt will automatically:

  1. Create a new controller file
  2. Create a new model file
  3. Add the CRUD endpoints to your API file
  4. Create a new React view
  5. Route the React view
  6. Create a new database table

It's available to all Power plan users today!


If you purchase a Power plan today using code: TOOLBELT%10 you’ll get 10% (~$50) off your purchase