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February 27, 2021 Donating Revenue to Fight Climate Change

Air pollution and climate change are important issues for me.

As of today, I am donating 1% of every Gravity purchase to fight climate change and remove COβ‚‚ from the atmosphere.


Having lived in SE Asia for a number of years, I have first-hand experience of how bad the problem is. This week, I made it back to Thailand and am currently doing a two-week quarantine in Bangkok.

The smog at this time of year in SE Asia is horrendous, and it gets worse every year. Sometimes it's so bad that I can feel the effect it has on my breathing.

Stripe recently launched Stripe Climate to enable businesses to contribute a small portion of their revenue to fight climate change - so now seemed like a fitting time to sign up.

February 1, 2021 Grew Revenue x3 Selling to 22 Countries

This time last year, I incorporated Gravity Zero and turned my side project into a real business.

It's been a great year thanks to the wonderful customers I have, many of them from Indie Hackers.

Here's a few highlights:

πŸš€ 167% revenue growth on 2019
πŸ’° 100% gross margin
🌍 selling to 22 countries
πŸ’Έ $19k net profit
πŸ‘€ $300 on ads
πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» still a solo-hacker with no investors or employees

November 19, 2020 Launched Gravity 6.1 with Enhanced SaaS Security

I'm so excited to launch the latest version of Gravity today, adding loads of new security features to the SaaS boilerplate:

β€’Β magic sign-in links

β€’ enhanced server security

β€’ brute force protection

β€’ notify users of suspicious sign-ins

β€’ block high risk sign in attempts

β€’ help view with contact form

β€’ password complexity rules

β€’ user can toggle impersonation for their account in /help

Developers can now launch a robust, secure application without having to worry about security πŸ₯³

September 18, 2020 2nd Birthday & Launched New SaaS Boilerplate

I'm super excited to be celebrating Gravity's second birthday today with the launch of v6.

I launched Gravity as a side-project two years ago today right here on IndieHackers and got my first paying customers in 2 weeks.

What started as a side project has now become a full-time business, thanks to the amazing community of makers.

The product has matured a lot and has now helped 268 customers in over 20 countries to kickstart their SaaS businesses.

Today, I'm proud to release v6 - packed with new features focused on helping to increase user engagement

βœ… Customisable user-onboarding flow
βœ… Collect user feedback in-app and view feedback reports
βœ… Impersonate users
βœ… Create components right from the command line in seconds
βœ… Multiple-file uploads via drag & drop interface
βœ… New components (Toast notification, date picker, contact form + more)

As a special gift to new customers, you can get $100 off today to celebrate 😎

Thank you for your support πŸ™πŸ»

August 3, 2020 Launched Gravity 5.1 SaaS Boilerplate for Node.js

Hot off the back of the recent v5 release, which introduced a tonne of new features (including a super-sexy UI update) comes v5.1 with some nifty new time-saving features.

Whats New?

βœ… New email tool (send emails using JSON - no more wrestling with with HTML templates)

βœ… Migration tool added to the toolbelt (quickly scaffold new database tables, along with API endpoints, models and controllers in one command).

βœ… Bugfixes

P.S. Great news for Canadian friends! I've also added support for CAD on the checkout (let me know what other currencies would be useful).

July 20, 2020 Increasing Prices for Gravity +$200 to $797

After some diligent research with other members of Indie Hackers and existing customers, I'm increasing the price of Gravity from $597 to $797 tomorrow.


Gravity began its life as side-project; however, in 2020, it has started to flourish and gain significant traction in the developer community.

For me to now focus 100% of my efforts on Gravity, scale the business and introduce more products while becoming hands-off in my other ventures, I need to increase my prices.

This decision hasn't come without careful consideration: I've spoken with many customers and IH members who agree that the current pricing is too low for the value offered; especially when factoring in the concierge onboarding and support in the Slack channel which I'm now investing time into daily.

I'll be sure to document the journey and how this works out - historically, putting my prices up has always been a great move.

If anyone wants to get the latest v5 release at the current price of $597, I'll keep the old price live for 24 hours :-)

July 15, 2020 LAUNCHED Gravity 5 SaaS Boilerplate with MongoDB!

Today, I'm so excited to share Gravity v5 with the world. This is a significant release - not only because it's packed full of awesome new features (like support for MongoDB and a new animated UI).

But because it marks a key milestone of helping 260 indie hackers in over 20+ countries to launch their own products. From new developers to experienced makers to designers at Apple.

As per popular demand, Gravity now comes with support for MongoDB and loads more updates:

βœ… MongoDB
βœ… Animated UI design
βœ… Landing Page Design
βœ… Improved Billing Flow
βœ… Mobile Navigation
βœ… Scoped SCSS
βœ… Multi-user invites in Gravity Native
βœ… Improved client routing
βœ… Improve password reset flow
βœ… Functional React components
βœ… + Loads more improvements

You can get Gravity today for only $597. Next week, the price will increase to $797, but I want to give everyone who is waiting for this version the chance to get it at the current price.

June 15, 2020 $10k Month + New Website (JSON Statham Loves It!)

The Gravity website has been a collection of random blocks of lego gradually added over time and held together with sticky tape. I promised myself that I'd do a refresh once I got some validation.

Hitting $10k of sales ($4.5k standard + $6k bespoke boilerplates) in the past 30 days seems like an appropriate validation marker.

So, I'm delighted to reveal the new site today! Built with Gatsby, it's a huge performance increase and I've added a number of UX optimisations aiming to increase my conversion rate.

Don't take my word for it though, JSON Statham loves it!

"I used the new Gravity website to purchase a boilerplate for my new film - Crank 3: Callback Hell - in which I play a software developer turned assassin, seeking revenge on the Rails developer who replaced all my async functions with callbacks. It was a great experience; the new site is blazing fast, and I like the rounded edges."

Check it πŸ‘‡

June 9, 2020 250+ Customers

Thanks to everyone who has supported Gravity so far, many of my customers are from Indie Hackers, and it's been amazing to see people from all over the world building and launching their SaaS products with Gravity.

Gravity is now helping makers from 20 countries. From the USA to Sweden to Jamaica to Azerbaijan πŸ₯³

To celebrate, I'll be launching a brand new website next week!

June 3, 2020 Launched YouTube Channel! Learn To Build Web Apps

I'm super excited to announce the launch of The Gravity Academy YouTube channel and the first of many free videos on building web apps, indie hacking and entrepreneurship.

These tutorials won't focus on learning to code but deliver everything you need to know about building and growing a successful web application from advanced programming techniques to user interface design and marketing.

The first video answers a common question I receive: what does the structure of a modern web application look like?

In this lesson, I walk you through a live example of a full Node.js & React web app using Gravity. I'll be diving into each section in more detail over the coming weeks.

If you like it, please hit the subscribe button on YouTube to receive future videos.

If there's any topics you'd like to see covered, leave a comment and let me know 😊