January 18, 2020

Riding the Reddit comment wave

Ernest Mistiaen @ernestmistiaen

This morning I checked my analytics to see where all the visitors to Great Wavelengths came from and saw I have reached people in over 50 countries since my soft launch a month ago 😃I know this is not the metric that will help me to make a profit, but it's still magical to see I have reached people from all over the globe.

I tried to "launch" on some music related subreddits, but the couple of posts I tried, did not get the upvotes I was hoping for. What did work very well was this: On Great Wavelengths I post newly released music gear, not only from the big manufacturers, but also homemade sample packs, plugins etc. People who make these, oftentimes announce it on Reddit. Whenever I see someone post something like this, I add it to Great Wavelengths. Then I write a comment on their Reddit post telling them I added it with a link. This way I managed to reach ± 60 visitors per comment, a much better result than I expected from such a simple action.

Ok, that's it for now. Onward to reaching people from over 100 countries :)

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