December 16, 2019

Soft launch! Any music making indie hackers here?

Ernest Mistiaen @ernestmistiaen

Today I ticked of the last boxes I wanted to do before spreading So here it is!

About a year ago I started making music again after a long hiatus. This time I wanted to make music on my computer, instead of guitars and amps. That's why I set out to find some good plugins. But... there are lots and lots of plugins. Which ones are good and worth investing my time in? So instead of making music I found myself coding up the first version of Great Wavelengths to find the best plugins. People on Reddit liked it a lot, but it was too much of a one-stop-shop.

Pretty quickly I got the idea to turn Great Wavelengths into a weekly music gear discovery website, but was hesitant to build it. These things always take so much more time than you expect... Until in August I had a free day and just felt like programming something. I started working on the new Great Wavelengths app. And since then, the project just sucked me in :)

I hope some people here find it useful. And if you have any recently released music gear you want to share, please feel free to post it! Also feedback is very much appreciated :)

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