August 27, 2019

3rd article published in HackerNoon series

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko

Ok, so looks like soon we'll have half of goal completed! I need to have at least 10 articles, because I have a lot of content, that can be useful for newbies.

Teaser from this article:
"In my previous stories, I explained my experiences and observations related to internships. Specifically, how I find interns and incorporate them into our development process.

When I completed my first two articles in this series — I realized one problem. That articles only have “common rules”. I’m explaining only “right things”.

I think everyone knows that type of advice: be good, don’t be bad, be happy, etc.

I love practical tutorials, so in this article I will give some real life examples of what it’s like to work with and train Interns in a ReactJS environment. I will show how I’m working with one of our interns right now. ..."

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