September 6, 2019

Get first issue with Udemy + splitting my course

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko
  1. The thing that I encountered few days ago - one of my student get a free coupon and complete 3 of my courses. We had fun chatting about it - I mention that he can use Udemy certificates at his Linkedin account, so he will have a better score at interviews. But his reviews don't appear at my Udemy dashboard...
    More about it here:

  2. I was stuck with my large course, related to pulling requests the second time. I really close to finishing - but have this block - just need to re-arrange slides at one section(I have 7 sections at this moment). And I cannot move forward quickly. like paralyzed. So I decide to download current filmed lessons and start to upload them. Right now I have 50-60 lessons. And it even hard to upload them quickly.

I was like - "Fuck it!" I want to watch Alladin cartoon and don't care about anything right now. After watching Alladin - I have this idea - let's split my course into few courses. It doesn't help a lot actually, because the first part have only 20 videos. But at least I'll be happy when I'll launch that part and it can give me more energy to move forward.

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