October 2, 2019

Practice with Git commands course was published

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko

Ok, so today I got approval from Udemy, related to my last course.
It's cool. I like that we have a lot of practice inside of it - because of it less boring I think. I mean when students just reading/watching, without seeing code - it's not very productive. Our minds tailored to forget anything not important, right? With practice, you may save it in your memory and when the time will come - you'll use it.

"For this course, I pack a lot of different cases-situations-scenarios that can become a reality in your daily work.

Cases like that are pretty common:

  • "I forget what was done?"

  • "I want to revert changes that generate a bug."

  • "I staged too many edits, and I want to break them out into a separate commit?"


with this link I'm sharing 100 free coupons for this course - it's limited offer because Udemy changing their rules:


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