August 27, 2019

Published 2nd article in my Hackernoon series

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko

Ok, so slowly i'm moving forward to my goal. Those articles are pretty useful for me - because I can share them with other people. It will save a lot of time for me - explaining how i'm working with un-experienced developers

Teaser from an article:

"Be aware …you cannot expect immediate results when you start working with non-experienced people.

By including intern/interns into your development process (or any other professional/commercial projects) - you’ll make your Project Manager very busy.

I don’t like the term babysitting, but a lot of control and organizational work should be applied in order to have a good time on both sides. So if you don’t have free time/energy — it’s a bad idea. Try it later or be prepared. ...."

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