September 20, 2019

The 2 part of pull requests course is published

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko

This course was tough to produce. First of all - I was stuck at August - because one section, related to the reviewing process was really hard to create. I wanted to put everything inside of it, but it takes me around 3 weeks when I finally realize an order of my slides. Sure, I continued filming that slides, but it was pressing me - because I know that this part was not solved yet. It has a big number of slides/videos/information inside of it. My longest course for now.

And I actually forget 2 times about some videos that I have. I was like wow - you should be more focused... because I film a few videos with real examples of how I'm actually reviewing the code of my own repositories. And then I forget about these videos till the last few days, when I complete everything else and was able to chill and slowly review everything that I made.

I think this course contains ~ 80 lessons. Some of them short, some have 4-5 minutes length. But it was hard to organize everything in one place, especially when you want to add more and more.

Ok, hope you will enjoy it.

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